29th & 30th September 2018


No egos, no divas, no cliques. Just amazing talent from all over Scotland working together to deliver a first class and incredibly rewarding experience for everyone. Innovative, uplifting, emotional and very inspirational.
— Tom M.
I loved every minute playing with a room of talented musicians, a fun MD and a choir that made the hairs on my arms stand up.
— Helen W.
This is what music making is about.
— Pat W.
I was a bit nervous about coming along on my own but everyone was so welcoming and friendly.
— Fiona B.

Earlier this year we held our inaugural Sing-through event where we gathered around 100 singers and musicians from across the UK to play and sing-through ‘Titanic: The Musical.’ It was a hugely successful event where new friendships were forged and long-lasting memories created. We really enjoy what we do, and we're all about creating a positive singing environment in which people can learn and grow as performers and we would love to share that with you.

The Show

We are thrilled that our next Sing-through will be Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s iconic ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.' We have been given special permission to perform with their largest orchestra so it will be ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ as you’ve never heard it before! It’s not every day you get to perform with a 36-piece orchestra so this will really be an unmissable event. We are also excited to be casting this Sing-through completely
gender-blind. Female representation in musical theatre is poor at the best of times so the great thing about a Sing-through is that we can smash through those boundaries and allow for fresh vocal interpretations of these classic songs. For a breakdown of roles click here.



How It Works

The idea is that everybody meets on Saturday morning and we begin the process of learning the score together and work towards singing through the score from beginning to end on the Sunday afternoon. Some principals may be called on the Friday evening to learn solo numbers.

Those involved will receive their scores in advance and will have access to our members portal, which will have audio recordings of note-bashing for each choral number. We recognise that most people who take part in musical theatre cannot sight-read; therefore, having audio recordings of the notes will help singers come prepared for the weekend.