Welcome to Acquire's Sing-through of 'Jesus Christ superstar'
29th & 30th September 2018


It is an absolute pleasure to offer you a place in Acquire’s sing-through of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.' We are thrilled with the response to the second of our Sing-through events and can’t wait to get started. The Acquire Team have been hard at work over the weekend allocating roles and voice types and have tried our best to ensure that there is a balance across all parts. In order to fully accept your place we would ask you to fill out one final Acceptance Form and submit the correct payment to us before the deadline on the 31st August.

Below is some important information that we need you to read thoroughly before we come together on the 29th September.


We know that the first thing you will be dying to see is the casting. Please refer to the attached document in the email for the full Cast List to see whether you have been assigned a solo. Specific voice groupings (e.g. Soprano 1, Bass 2 etc.) will be supplied in the Information Pack when you receive your score.

With over 120 sign-ups I am sure you can appreciate how difficult this was to do and therefore we would appreciate it if you could let us know whether you intend to accept your place ASAP. You can do this by completing the Acceptance Form below.



Before you come to the Sing-through event on the 29th you will receive all of the sheet music for the songs you are involved in. This will also include an Information Pack with details about the running of the weekend. You have a number of options regarding obtaining your Score for this Sing-through.

For ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, we would really like to cut back on the amount of paper we are using so we are offering the option of a Digital Copy. This can be emailed out to you before the event to be viewed on desktop and can be viewed on mobile and handheld devices on the day.

If you would prefer paper and are local to Glasgow, physical copies of the score can be collected from us during our normal choir rehearsal in St. Andrews East Parish Church on Alexandra Parade on Sunday 2nd or Monday 3rd September between the hours of 7:30pm-10pm. If you have connections to our regular choir members and are happy for them to pick up materials of your behalf, please inform us.

We are also aware that we have singers travelling from further afield. As a result, we are happy to arrange postage of the scores and just ask for £3 to be added to your payment to cover this.

In order for us to plan our distribution of scores, we ask that you let us know your choice in the Acceptance Form below. This will make the process on our side much more straightforward when it comes to arranging materials accordingly.



After what is sure to be a jam-packed Sing-Through day one, we hope many of you will be able to join us for our Saturday evening Social; a chance to mingle with friends old and new and have some well-earned food and a wee tipple!

Where: Upstairs in The Raven, 81-85 Renfield St, Glasgow, G2 1NQ

When: Saturday 29th September, 7:30pm until 12 midnight

How to get there: The Raven is in the city centre and therefore easy to access by public transport. Buchanan Street subway station, Queen Street and Central railway stations and various bus stops are all very close by!


BBQ Chicken wings      Mini Pork Pies      Pulled Pork Sliders

Tempura Prawns       Roasted Vegetable Wraps      Vegetable Samosas

Nachos      Spicy Cheese Fries

We are delighted to have exclusive use of the upstairs space in The Raven, including our own private bar, hooray!

Please confirm your place at our Sing-through Social by filling out the Acceptance Form and including the £8 buffet cost in your overall Sing-through payment. If you need extra time to check availability for our Social then of course you can transfer £8 in a separate transaction (however why not get both confirmed at once!?) All we ask is that all Social payments are with us with us by Saturday 15th September so we can confirm final buffet numbers with our venue. Unfortunately we are not able to accept cash payments for the Social during the Sing-Through weekend itself.

We look forward to seeing you there for a well-earned break!

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If you intend to accept your place and your part, you must make the required payment of £30. This covers all the venue and material hire involved in such a big event. If you require the score to be posted to you, please transfer an additional £3 to ensure safe shipping. Furthermore, if you intend to join us at the Social (which we hope you do!) then please include this as part of your payment. A reminder that the Social cost is £8.

Payment should be made to:

Account Name: Acquire Glasgow
Sort Code: 80-22-60
Account No.: 15501465

When transferring, the reference should be:

The final deadline for payment is the 31st August but it would be amazing if you could do this as quickly as possible so that we can fully confirm who we are working with. Please note: failure to make this payment on time will cost you your place. If there are any issues with payment then please email:

If you are now unable to attend, please do extend us the courtesy of letting us know quickly so that we can alter casting accordingly (and then admit ourselves for psychiatric help at the thought of doing so!)


The deadline for acceptance has now passed. Please contact if any issues.



Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 17.13.16.png

Solo work

With this show, we have chosen to have multiple people in certain named roles. If you have been allocated a role which requires you to sing a solo (e.g. Judas in Superstar) then I would be grateful if you could arrive on the 29th with the song learned. This will reduce teaching time for the MD you will be working with. Some accompaniments will be available for you to sing along with. In the meantime, the cast recording is available to have a listen to. There are some solo parts that may be called in on the Friday evening. We will be in touch with you to arrange this if it applies to you.


What you sing and when

In the casting above, you have been given a generic overview of your placement within the chorus. When you receive your score, you will be issued with a detailed breakdown of what YOU sing and when. For example, there may be some splitting of the Chorus to learn certain numbers and there may be some variation in your voice grouping. The information may be a little overwhelming at first, but it will come with clear instructions and will hopefully allow you to learn the relevant parts before arriving on the 29th.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 17.12.44.png


All note-bashing for ensemble songs will be available on our Members’ Portal, via our website from the 2nd September in line with the receipt of your scores. There will be little time to note-bash songs, so please do your best to learn your part before arriving on the 29th. This will allow my team of Musical Directors to work through all of the music in 1 and a half days.


Musical Directors

I will lead you in a company warm-up both mornings and will teach one of the numbers on the Saturday morning. At other times, I will work with the orchestra and conduct the sing-through in its entirety on the Sunday afternoon.

I am delighted to welcome back Andrew McDivitt as my co-musical director for the weekend. Andrew is an experienced MD, having worked with various groups in Glasgow and Edinburgh. He will lead most of the ensemble numbers and will rehearse/teach the score in its entirety before the sing-through on the Sunday afternoon.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 17.11.09.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 10.04.41.png

Vocal Coaching

Jesus Christ Superstar requires strong, vocal stamina - especially in the solo ‘principal’ parts - and can be a challenging sing for those playing either Jesus or Judas. To help with this, we are excited to welcome Gillian McLaren Scott, who will act as Vocal Coach and as an additional MD for the weekend. Gillian is one of Scotland’s top vocal coaches and is Scotland’s only Estill Mentor and Course Instructor with Estill Voice International. Her full biography can be found here:

As I’m sure you can appreciate, we have an extremely difficult job and want to ensure that everybody gets the best out of the weekend. We therefore ask that you come prepared for our sessions.


Attending the final Sing-through

We have agreed with the license holders that the Sunday afternoon sing through will be for the chorus and all associated with the administration for this project. Members of the public are not permitted to attend this and our position on this is final, so we would really appreciate it if you don’t ask us to make exceptions.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 17.10.42.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 17.10.12.png

Social Media

Our arrangement with the license holders on this occasion restricts us in terms of any audio recording over the weekend. Pictures are permitted, but they must not be direct images of the score.  


I hope you find this information useful. If you have any further questions, please email my team and we will get back to you as soon as we can. It is really important to me that everybody embraces the Acquire ethos and turns up ready to learn and have lots of fun with like-minded people. We will all make mistakes and we will all be better performers and musicians as a result.

I really cannot wait to meet you all and share this experience with, what looks like, a wonderful and exciting bunch of singers and musicians.

Graham Duffy
Conductor and Musical Director



We realise this is a lot of information to get through, but we hope you can appreciate that there's a lot that goes into making an event like this run successfully! Before you go, just have a quick scan through this list to make sure you have done everything needed and then we will look forward to welcoming you on the 29th!

  1. Fill in the Acceptance Form to let us know about your preference for the score and whether you will be attending the Saturday Social

  2. Payment should be sent to us by 31st August to confirm your place, but we’d love it if you could send it sooner

  3. If you are no longer wanting to take part, let us know ASAP by emailing

  4. Further info will be given to you along with your score so that you can prepare your parts

  5. Listen to the cast recording

  6. Any questions, just email!